HOLY FUCKING SHIT. now THAT’S an orgasm.

i’m back at the day job after my lunch fuck and can barely sit because my ass is so bruised and red from spanking. ah well – it’s the price we have to pay for a good midafternoon pounding.

so my man has promised me a couple of fucks today – once at my place for my favorite, the lunch fuck break, and sometime later today when i’ll go over to his office and try for an encore of yesterday’s masterpiece. but today, loyal readers, i must say.. so far, i’m already fucking satisfied.

over the past couple of days i’ve been hungrier than i’ve ever been. we got to my place and teased each other by slowly taking our clothes off. the little purple thong i had under my miniskirt was the last thing to go, but once it hit the floor, we hit the sheets. he grabbed me by my cunt from behind and led me to bed – when we laid down we intertwined our bodies, and things started to get a little hot and heavy. after a few minutes of heavy petting we jumped right to home plate, with him reaching around, placing his hand in the center of my back, and pulling me flat onto the mattress to mount me. he slid into me effortlessly – i was fucking soaked and ready to go. i’d done myself 3 times the night before in a vain effort to feel satisfied without a dick, but fuck nothing is anywhere near as satisfying as my man’s big hard cock. he started to pump me, holding me down by my hair, forcing me to lick my nipples with him so that our tongues touched, pulling my head up by my hair to watch him fuck me senseless.. and my god i couldn’t get enough. i started growling, i was that fucking hungry.. his eyes widened and a smirk came across his face, seemingly amazed by how fucking horny i was(/am). so he gave it to me hard and went at me like an animal, knowing that i’d take it and wanted it – since we have our safe word, we’re now even more ‘no holds barred’ than before.

he got up on his knees and fucked me perpendicular, locking my ankles on his shoulders by holding me in position with one arm. with his other hand, he started stroking my clit, at one point spitting on my cunt for extra lube, and holy fuck did it feel amazing. i told him not to stop – he had the speed, rhythm, and pressure just right, and as i got close i dug my fingers into his thighs and started to break a sweat. i begged him not to stop, and when i lost focus for a minute he descended on my body and told me to finish myself off. i said no, that he got me so fucking close and i wanted him to finish the job. so he stayed in that position, deliciously thrusting inside me, and he started stroking my clit with his right hand as i wrapped one arm around his shoulders for leverage. as i got closer every muscle in my body tightened up, and he started talking dirty, telling me about how he liked seeing a little whore grind on the floor of his office while she serviced her own cunt, how i had to show him that he didn’t waste his time fucking me during lunch, and then he started ordering me in an impatient voice, “come for me, you fucking whore. come already.. come on. come for your man.” and OH MY FUCKING GOD DID I OBEY HIS ORDERS. i shot off so hard my body contorted in ways i didn’t think were anatomically possible – i was drenched in sweat and squeezed his dick so hard he nearly fell out. i screamed and dug my fingernails into his back (leaving ample marks), and as soon as things started to subside a bit he showed no mercy – he pulled out, forced my legs apart (which i’d closed, knowing what was coming) and held them open, and ate me out voraciously until i passed out. i can barely remember the next few minutes after that, that’s how unhinged sinking into unconsciousness made me.

but there was no forgetting the next half our lunch. after pounding me so hard every limb of my body was either up in the air or flailing in every direction, my man pulled out, flipped me over by my ankles, and pulled me towards his dick by my legs and entered me deep from behind. i screamed but he didn’t pay attention – instead he pushed me down into the mattress with his body weight and wrapped his arms around my tits and neck, ordering me to talk to him. as i told him about how i tried coming several times last night but still needed a dick, and how i loved that he filled me up with so much cum yesterday he was pouring out of me during a meeting, he tightened his grip and strangled me a bit as he thrusted. he then got even rougher, first pressing down on the small of my back as he pumped (a nice G spot treat for me), then by forcing my face flat down into the mattress and holding it in place by my hair. i could barely breathe, but also – i could barely scream. he muffled every sound that came out of me, which is probably a good thing because we definitely would’ve had the front desk and/or cops called on us after today’s event. then he started spanking me hard, telling me he was going to mark me and that he wanted to bruise me, and once slapped me in the face despite being behind me. he pounded so hard i had to hold on to the edge of the bed for leverage, which didn’t even do very much.

and then: his orgasm. holy fuck. he actually squirted a couple times inside me as he thrusted, which would’ve been premature ejaculation for any other guy and the end of the fun. but not my man. he stayed as hard as ever, and said that he was even glad that a little came out, because now it would take even longer to come. so off he went, pounding me ferociously, not relenting for a second, both of us drenched in sweat and dehydrated – and then he said he was coming, and filled up my cunt so deep i screamed in disbelief (and mind you, i wasn’t the only one screaming). i squeezed his dick as hard as i could with my PC muscles as he shot off inside me, which apparently was so hard i squeezed cum right out of his dick and into me, and then he pulled out and pressed his dick against my ass and i started to grind against it, getting a little cum out onto my ass too. the amount of spunk this man produces.. it’s unfuckingbelievable.

all in all, i’d say it was a good lunch. running time: approximately 1 hour. my lover even thoughtfully reminded me after our fuck that today is the anniversary of when i was deflowered. it was by far the best fucking july 11th yet. my clit is still throbbing, my ass hurts like fuck and has red marks all over it in the shape of his hand – and i’ve sent him pictures to prove it.

and it doesn’t look like i’m done yet. there’s an office fuck to be had before the day’s through.

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