feeling buzzed

believe it not, ladies and gentlemen, but an Arched Back first! using toys in bed while fucking. shocking, i know.

the evening started off languidly, as my man and i got to my place after work and ate, decompressed, etc. then we got into bed and before i knew it, my man was holding me down and had my earlobe in his mouth. i squirmed with glee as his mouth found its way from my ear to my neck, covering me with ravenous kisses while his free hand slowly crept down my little polka dotted panties. he slowly started stroking my clit, telling me about all the things i’ve done that have made him hot, and asked if we had time to fuck. of course we did. who doesn’t have time to fuck? 

he got up to take the rest of his clothes off, watching me do myself while he did so. he then eagerly climbed back into bed and immediately took my left nipple into his mouth. he worked on it, pressing his hard dick against my thigh while i continued to stroke my clit, then positioned himself between my legs to sink into me. it was a slow, seductive start, but before too long my man worked up a nice rhythm, getting me wet and aching for him to go at me harder. which he did, naturally, but even better: he clamped his left leg down on my right one, fucking me at a slight angle to hit my g spot. and did he ever. he then licked his fingers and stroked my clit for a while as he pounded me, then handed things over to me to finish things up so he could focus on fucking. he ordered me to cum and i did so, and hard. my body was shaking, it was so strong – not just to cum but for my man’s dick to keep hitting my g spot while i was coming. the sensation was fucking insane. and then: the surprise. 

he stopped for a second and asked, “where’s your vibrator?” i looked at him in surprise, and with a smile, told him where it was under my bed. Archer spun around so that our bodies were perpendicular.. but he stayed inside me as he dug under the bed for my toy. even pumped me a little as he looked so i stayed gaping open and wet. what can i say? the man likes his pussy, and always makes sure not to spend one more moment outside of me than he has to. after fishing around for a bit, we successfully found it, and my man put it between my tits, ordering me to hold the vibrator with them while he fucked me. he told me he was starting to get me used to servicing more than one dick at a time, to prepare me for a possible future gangbang! how exciting. he then growled, “now suck on it.” i turned my head to the side, as though i were blowing another guy while he fucked me, and gave him the full show as he pounded my cunt.

and then, the piece de resistance: he ordered me to turn it on and place it against my clit while he fucked me. shivering, i turned it to the lowest setting first, bracing myself for a hard fuck with a vibrator mercilessly buzzing against my swollen clit. and that’s exactly how it was – my man even used his lower torso to pin it down so he could fuck freely and i wouldn’t have to hold it against myself. he licked me a lot this time too, which was delicious – he ran his tongue all over my left cheek and neck, tugging at my hair and leaving no part of my body untouched. we then went into a bit of role play, and he told me how daddy got me this toy to play with and to get good at using, and within seconds i turned it to the highest setting and had one of the strongest, most tantalizing orgasms i’ve ever had. it was fierce, spreading throughout my body quickly, and my body hummed with excitement for a long time afterward. he then pressed it hard against me as i came, a feeling that proved far too unbearable, and before i knew it, i was waking up to my man shoving my cum-covered vibrator into my mouth. he went at me hard and fast, fucking me like the whorish rag doll i was at that point, limp but hungry for more dick. after enjoying my swollen, soaking wet pussy for a while, my man flipped me over and fucked my asscrack hard and fast, pouring a huge load all over my back. and then, after a few minutes’ rest, he was ready to cum again. 

would you expect anything else?

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  1. Using a vibrator is a great way to add some variety to your sex play. Nimue and I have several we enjoy . . . I’d say Lelo’s Lily and Bo are our favorites. You’d have to hold Lily, but Bo is a cock ring and provides hours of hands-free pleasure.

  2. Hey, I’ve been gone for awhile…. but it seems like you have to! Hopefully everything is alright 🙂

  3. Where have you been ?. I just returned from southern california after 4 months. I had a feeling that it was going to be a long bad winter here in NY. I was right.
    It was nice. no newspapers, no tv and no computer. Had a great time.

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