3 holes, 24 hours

as i’m sure you can tell from the title, i’ve been a bit busy.

last night is when it all began – right before my man’s thursday night talk, we got back to my place, and he decided to play with me however he liked while i spoke to my father.. that’s right, my real daddy. as i spoke to him, MY daddy pulled all the stops: he ate me out so tantalizingly slow i nearly passed out, fingerfucked my pussy and my asshole at the same time, fed off my titties, the works. he got me so close i nearly screamed into the phone, and made sure to hurry up the conversation so i could make him pay for teasing me.. or get punished for teasing him and making him wait. either way, i was getting destroyed and there was no way around it. 

as soon as i hung up, my man stripped me down in the kitchen and bent me over the countertop to spank me hard with a wooden spoon, causing me to cry out in delicious pain. it took no time at all to get into bed and receiving my first order to cover him up while he mounted me and started to pry me open with his dick. he went at me hard for as long as he liked, then – plunging his dick into me – moaned, “i need your ass.” i gasped, “you do??” “oh yeah,” he said matter-of-factly. “i need anal before my talk. i really need to fill your ass up with cum. but you need to cum first.” he then forced his hands on myself and made me get myself off while he pumped at me, soaking my pussy that my juices spilled over onto my asshole, and as soon as i came, my man made very good use of my limp, relaxed, loose body.

he grabbed a bottle of lubricant from my drawer and started to butter me – and himself – up. and it was fucking INCREDIBLE. he slid in with perfect ease, his dick not even meeting any resistance until a good half of his cock filled up my ass. i looked up at him with a coy smile, proud of how much dick i could take with all this anal practice, and his eyes widened with joy and hunger. “you needed my ass before tonight, didn’t you?” i asked with a growl. “oh god..” he quivered, his body shaking with pleasure, practically unable to take how good it felt to ride his bitch up the ass bareback. he then started pounding my asshole, no different than when he annihilates my pussy, and screamed, “baby baby i’m gonna cum,” collapsing on top of me as he filled my tight little asshole with hot, thick, gorgeous cum. it was a massive load that made me scream too, my ass tightening around his throbbing cock. he pulled out and out he spilled, with my ass closing up so quickly i writhed and broke a sweat from that alone. i fucking love it when he cums up my ass – i feel like such an accomplished slut, being able to take so much cock like that.

despite this phenomenal interlude, my pussy needed a good fucking so we made time for it today. i left work a couple hours early and we headed back to my place for round 2. we stripped and got into bed, and my man immediately spooned me, fondling my tits and forcing his hand down my little black panties before he ripped them off. he then ate me out, driving me wild with that sensational tongue of his, then got on his knees and pulled my body towards his cock to penetrate me. he used his dick to rub my clit for a while, getting me all warmed up, then in he plunged, quickly filling up my warm, inviting, eager pussy. he pumped at me, forcing me to get myself off as he fucked me, then as soon as i shot off, i begged, “oh god fuck me hard.”

and did he ever – after he pulled out and mouthfucked me, forcing me to suck all my own cum off his throbbing cock. after he was satisfied with that, pumping my head up and down on his dick with his hand, he slapped me across the face, grabbed me by the hair, held me down with his body weight.. domination galore. in other words, he made me his sex slave and i couldn’t get enough. he pounded me so ferociously i thought the bed would break – but naturally, a girl like me wouldn’t invest in a shoddy bed. and so it held up, during the hard fucking, the tittiefucking, the carpet ride.. and of course, when he flipped me over, fucked my asscrack, and came so hard with my tits in his hands that he filled my ears with a deliciously loud moan, emptying his huge load all over my back. and what great timing! finished just in time to get ready and head out the door so i could get smashed with some colleagues.. and without paying for one single drink. 

ah, it’s good to be so fucking spoiled. especially now that my ass heals so much more quickly after getting fucked up the ass.

the arched back

as if it weren’t enough how he manhandled me during my break at work.. in public. after spanking me, groping my tits, and bending me over in public during the day, my man gave me exactly what he promised tonight: i told him that people were being nice to me at work, so he  promised not to be nice at all.

and he wasn’t. well, he did buy me a nice, delicious dinner before screwing me senseless. but once we finished eating and were at my place, he got me on my desk chair, tore my little blue panties off, and ordered me to take care of some online business on my computer before we went to bed. he decided, however, to get things started, and had me recline in the chair so he could eat me out – and i have the picture (from his vantage point, on his knees on the floor) to prove it. his tongue danced all over and across my clit, with such perfect movements that i could see it flick my clit, lift my hood up.. i practically watched my clit swell as i began to ache for some cock. thankfully, i didn’t have to wait long for it. though i did get his foot on my cunt and my asshole licked first though.

he pulled me off the chair by my hair, forcing me to suck his dick a little first, then flung me onto bed, drawing me into him to suck on my titties and rub my clit. as i began to melt, his touch became firmer, and within seconds we were under the covers and he reiterated his promise not to play nice. he quickly started plowing me with his dick, prying me tight little pussy open in a hurry, and i moaned in protest by how fast he was going. “just take it,” he growled, refusing to slow down. he was right though – i could take it. and i did, so quickly that even i was amazed by how open and wet i was in a matter of seconds. he even pulled out of me completely and re-entered me a few times to show me how soaked his slut was. what can i say? it’s impossible not to have a soaking wet pussy around my man.

as he started, he licked his fingers and began working my clit over with one hand, warming me up as he pumped away at my pussy. he told me to tell him a secret about my sex life that i hadn’t yet told him, and i told him quite an interesting fact.. he was, apparently, rendered speechless. but he gathered himself, excited by my little secret, pummeling me with his dick and forcing me to finish the job. as i started to work over my clit, he switched positions – while staying inside me – so that he was on his side and i on my back. he pushed my hand away and replaced it with his own, slowly working my engorged clit over with his fingers as he slowly pumped. “want to hear one of my secrets?” he asked playfully. i begged for it, and he promised me a huge orgasm from it – and fuck was he ever right. i came hard and strong as he told me that he’d thought about whoring me out to his friends, having them pay up for blow jobs and to fuck me, though all would have to be done in front of him. the next thing i knew, i’d cum and was waking up with his dick inside me after passing out from him rubbing me raw. i now remember protesting, saying that my clit was too sensitive from the last orgasm and i needed time, to which he replied, “you better fucking take it or it’ll get worse.” and i did, i guess all too well. “you got off thinking about fucking other dicks,” he snarled as i woke up. “you fucking bitch.”

with that, he stopped playing nice. completely. and yes, daddy was being nice. but not after that. he switched positions again, mounting me, holding me down hard by my hair, slapping me in the face till i cried, suffocating me, muffling me, sticking one finger in my mouth to keep it gaping open, pulling out and forcing me to lick my own cum off his dick while he mouthfucked me.. the fucking works. and this is only the stuff i remember. he twisted my nipples so hard i screamed in pain, feebly trying to push him off me, attempts only met with hard slaps across the face, all while still pounding my little swollen pussy. he then put his legs on the outside of mine and destroyed my cunt, holding me in a chokehold, looking right into his eyes. “you’re hurting me,” i whimpered. “good,” he growled. “i love hurting you.” with that he forced my hands back down on myself, and ordered me to cum hard – which i did, so hard that i pushed his dick out of me. “wow, that’s the hardest you’ve ever squeezed!” he said with a triumphant smile. he then played with me like a sex toy, fucking my hands against my body, flipping me over and fucking my asscrack, then forcing my body into a sharp arch as he came, grabbing fistfuls of my hair and roughly pulling me back towards him. he came so hard he got all over his arms, my hair, and left a gorgeous string of cum down my spine. and i have a picture of that to prove it too.

now THAT’S how not to play nice.

oh, and did i mention last time that my man’s finger went so far up my ass, he managed to slide the whole thing in? just thought i’d clarify.

the little black dress

i’d say my man approves of the hot little black strapless number i bought today. he couldn’t wait to rip it off after i modeled it for him. but of course, not before he made me put my 4″ black heels on to complete the look.

my man sent me a text telling me he needed to see me, and did i ever need to see him.. and that gorgeous dick of his. conveniently he was getting ready to come over when i’d just gotten back from an outing, which included a new little black dress and some new hot panties i can already see getting torn when i get stripped down. he got in and i happily greeted him, already naked. as i was showing off my goods (pun intended), he pressed himself against me from behind, starting to harden, and told me about a sexy dream he had about me last night. i smiled and zipped myself up in the dress, leaning down to suck the hard dick he’d whipped out and started stroking as he watched me. “where are your black heels?” he asked hungrily.

i pulled them out and got them on, and while the dress came off, the heels lingered for a little while longer before we got down and dirty. he pulled me into bed under the covers, and started stroking my clit, pressing his dick against my body. “god i love how you caress me,” i moaned. “i need to go down on you now,” he said matter-of-factly, then roughly pushed my body up on the mattress to bury his face in my cunt. he went for it, kissing lightly then plunging into my juices, taking the time to lick my asshole too. god i fucking love that. whoever hasn’t tried it yet – do it tonight. i guarantee you won’t regret it.

after he was done buttering me up, he got on his knees, pulled me towards him, and started sinking his dick into me. i gasped by how fast he was going, and he said, “come on, take it.” i was a good girl and opened up quickly, and within minutes my man forced my hands on myself for orgasm number one. also, i should mention – earlier i was mommy, but we quickly moved into role play where i got to be the whore that i am. and lucky me – and Arched Back first that i share with my man: as he pumped away at me, stroking myself at the same time, he ordered, “use your other hand to work over the shaft.” i did so, pressing my index finger into his shaft, wrapping my other fingers around his balls for leverage. i started rubbing his dick back and forth, and god did my man moan and writhe when i hit the jackpot. “baby that feels so good.. fucking shit. you feel gorgeous,” he groaned, enjoying my hands on the base of his dick, the rest up my cunt.. all while he thrusts and as i do myself. my man always said he’d teach me how to multitask.. who knew this is what he had in mind?

“now it’s time for you to cum for me, you bitch,” he growled, ordering me to use both my hands to get the job done. “finish what i started.” i did so, whimpering as i got close that it was going to be huge, and huge it was – i came for what seemed like a solid minute straight, and my man held me down and started rubbing my clit raw as soon as i came.  i couldn’t stand it, pushing him away as hard as i could, while still coming, and apparently also biting his chest and digging my nails into his back – i hadn’t even realized until i saw the evidence post-fuck. fuck i love that. a while later i woke up to the thrusts of my man’s dick, having passed out and, as my man informed me later, getting relentlessly fucked while unconscious. he then pulled out, grabbed me by the hair, and forced me to suck his dick and lick all my cum off it. i guess i hadn’t tasted enough, because my man then reached into me before shoving his dick back inside so he could feed me more of my own cum.

he went at me hard, punishing me for being such a spoiled slut, not too long thereafter forcing me to do myself again while he fucked me. i begged no, and he ignored the protest, saying, “you’re ready. cum for me before i slap you, you fucking bitch.” he thrusted deep, wrapping his hand around to grab my ass while he pumped. he then started to shove his finger into my asshole, which quickly widened with excitement. “look at that tight little asshole.. i can barely get my finger inside, but i manage to get my big fat cock in there.” i quivered, loving the double penetration. who wouldn’t?

he shoved his finger up my ass hard and i screamed, in disbelief that his finger was so far up my ass and his dick so deep in my cunt at the same time. “i get my whole dick up that ass. you’ll need to give that to me soon. i need anal. i need to go up your ass soon so you better be ready,” he growled, and with that i came so hard i forced his finger out of my ass, squeezing his dick so hard he had to pump faster just to stay inside. he then put his legs on the outside of mine and fucked me mercilessly, suffocating me all the while, having me do the new hot move of stroking his shaft while he pounds me. my man moaned like a champ and kept me soaking wet, until i heard him groan, “baby i’m coming!” and did he ever, pouring his hot cum out all over my cunt, pressing into my pubic bone so hard that when he pulled away, he shot off a second time. gorgeous.

you can never have too many little black dresses.

3 for 1

now that’s a good fucking deal.

so tonight my man and i start a little slower and begin the evening with a movie, though i had a feeling we’d pick up the pace pretty quickly as the night progressed. how quickly, you ask? so quickly we had an Arched Back first without even realizing it – we played with all three types of oral sex! he licked my asshole, ate out my pussy, and i sucked my own cum off his dick. like i said, it was a great deal.

before the movie even ended, my man pulled me towards him and growled, “so you want to get fucked?” i pleaded yes, and he promptly got me on my feet, tugging at my little black panties. he only got them off mid-thigh, so he used his foot to get them completely off before shoving me onto the bed. he wasted no time ordering me to get him hard so i’d want him, stroking my eager little clit that desperately needed attention. after getting me a little wetter, he moved down on the mattress and snarled, “i’m not doing this for you. i need to eat some pussy.” and so he did – hungrily, mercilessly, licking up my juices as though my cunt was the only thing he’d had to eat in days. once he was satisfied with his helping of pussy, he moved on to eat out my asshole, licking it so slowly and teasingly i nearly passed out. 

after that he was through being so charitable, then ordering me to start touching myself while he watched close up. he quickly grew angry with how much i was enjoying it, and got on his knees to fuck me. he grabbed his dick and started teasing my clit with his head, then violently pried my pussy open with his cock. i moaned and begged him to go slowly, which he unhesitatingly ignored, sinking into me fast and deep before i had the chance to protest any more. and away he pumped, working me over to a rhythm of his liking, then forcing my hands on myself for orgasm number 1.

it didn’t take terribly long for me to shoot off the first time – i was ready for it and my man pushed all the right buttons from the start. he pulled his dick all the way out and sank back in, marveling at how much cum there was, then again he pulled out, straddled me, and forced me to suck my own cum off his dick. as soon as i started to slow my pace down, he grabbed my hair and mouthfucked me hard, then shoving me back on the bed to annihilate me. he licked his fingers and started stroking my clit hard as he pounded me, rubbing me so raw i could barely stand it – i thrashed and moaned, close to tears, clawing at his back and biting his chest in a feeble attempt to make him stop (he had adorable pink marks to prove it later). he relented as he saw fit, then growling, “look at this loose whore’s cunt. you better fucking cum for me again when i tell you to.” 

with that he forced my hands back down on myself, and reflexively i pulled my hands away, finding it unbearable to stroke my sensitive clit so soon after getting it rubbed raw. that decision was met with a hard, crisp slap across the face. “you fucking whore!” he screamed. “you better get working on that right now.” and so i did, shooting off even harder than the first time, squeezing his dick with my pussy so hard he stopped thrusting for a second and gasped. with no recovery time for me, he immediately started pounding me harder and faster, physically lifting me off the mattress with his dick with every thrust. he put his legs on the outside of mine, ordering me to hold my titties and to “make this pussy tighter for me.” he then went at me ferociously, unrelenting, until i heard the beautiful sound of my man moaning, “baby this feels SO good..” with that he threw his head back, moaned, and pulled his dick out to cum all over my pussy. he covered my freshly-trimmed pubic hair, pressing his dick hard into my pubic bone. so hard, in fact, that as soon as he released some of the pressure off my body, more cum shot out of his gorgeous dick. 

and then he fed me cake. so maybe that’s 4 for the price of 1.

the masterpiece part 5: the grand finale!

he licked his fingers and started working my clit over once he mounted me, starting to fuck away while putting me through the most delicious pain i’d ever felt – so weakened by four orgasms in a row, without any recovery time, and going for number five. he went at me for a while, telling me how much he loves playing with his fucktoy, using his saliva and my cum to glide his fingers across my clit. “are you gonna cum for me again? you’re not done until i say you’re done. and i’m not done with you.” he growled. i told him that i was feeling so worn out that i didn’t know if i could. “fine,” he said. “then you do it.” again he forced my hands down on myself, and i practically screamed at the top of my lungs, begging, “baby please..!” “do it now or i’ll go up your ass,” he threatened, and – whimpering, sweaty, and still getting fucked amidst all this – i slowly put my fingers back to work on my clit.

it took a little while to get over the edge, but my man – and his unrivaled stamina – were completely unphased, pumping away as though we’d just started, his dick just as hard as though i’d just taken it out my mouth. “just relax and cum for daddy,” he growled over and over, and off i went for my fifth and final orgasm! my clit wasn’t even fully hard this time, but when i shot off to my man’s orders, i shot off nice and hard. “oh god!” i moaned, my voice hoarse from all the screaming. and then..

he pulled out, grabbed me by the legs and pulled me towards him, and started eating me out ferociously. “OH GOD FUCK NO,” i screamed, pushing his head away from my cunt and using the little strength i had to fight. it was scarcely enough to do me any good, and before i knew it, i was waking up to the feeling of my man licking my asshole. holy fucking shit.

limp and drenched in sweat, i weakly turned to face him, and saw him poised to take a picture of my asshole. “you’ve got such a beautiful asshole – it’s perfect,” he said with a smile. he snapped a few pictures and showed me, and i must say – it’s nice to see what my man licks so fucking well. he wasn’t pleased with the lighting on my bed, so he made me lie down on the floor on my stomach, and took some especially up-close-and-personal shots. “my god,” he said in amazement, “look at it.” he had me hold my cheeks apart so he could get a clean shot of my asshole, with great success. 

“now we gotta make you cum,” i said innocently. with a smile, he pulled me up like a ragdoll and brought me back to bed. he started grinding his dick against my pubic bone like he did the other day, and i reminded him of an order he gave me earlier. “you’ve gotta cum on my face,” i said sweetly, and my man shuddered and said, “that’s right..” away he pumped, grinding his dick against me, then as he got close to blowing his load, licked my titties and started to tittiefuck me hard and with vigor. i told him that his cumslut needed his load, and that she really worked for it.. of course, whenever i could get a breath in. he suffocated me most of the time, grabbing me by the hair and forcing my face back into his chest if i moved to breathe. “kiss me,” he growled, and i obediently kissed his chest and stomach while he fucked my titties, then, building up, he moaned, “oh god pump me when i start to pour on your face.” he moaned and lunged forward on top of me, and i grabbed his dick and pumped as he shot off a huge load of hot, sticky, sweet cum all over my face. i don’t think i’ve ever seen him thrash that much or heard him moan quite like this.. he completely let go and was so astounded that, when i reached for his dick to squeeze more cum out, he fell right off the bed.

“oh my god!” i screamed in disbelief, looking over the side of the bed at his cum-covered body. his eyes locked with mine, and he gasped, “i watched it. i didn’t close my eyes when i came. i watched it..” i smiled. “how does it look?” i asked, pointing to the cum dripping down my face and into my hair. his response? completely collapsing on the floor until he regained what looked to be full consciousness. then off we went, getting something to eat and then jetting off to his evening talk. 

five orgasms, five parts – it seems only fitting. and if you thought that that would be enough to keep us satisfied for a few days, think again: i just got eaten out on the floor (until i passed out) in front of my full-length mirror so i could watch my man bury his face in my pussy, came again from doing myself while he pumped his hard dick in my soaking wet cunt, and got a nice, big facial as a reward for all my hard work.

ah, it’s good to be me.

the masterpiece part 4

“come on,” he growled impatiently. i pleaded that i was worn out from coming three times already, and that i needed a break. i told him he could still keep fucking me but that my clit was too sensitive to keep going. he then shoved his dick so far into me that i screamed, and he sneered, “i said come on.” i whimpered and put my hands on myself, slowly starting to work over my clit. “you’re done coming when i say you are,” he reminded me. i reached under his dick to take some of my cum to use for my clit, and he moaned and said dreamily, “i love it when i feel those tiny fingers on my dick while i fuck you.”

and they danced, around his shaft, his balls, anywhere i could fucking get them in that position. and away he pounded, not stopping in the slightest, showing off his astounding stamina and drive. “you like daddy’s dick, don’t you?” he growled. “yes daddy.. i only like fucking you. just your dick,” i moaned. “that’s right, you fucking bitch,” he said with a moan, “you need to learn how to please a real man’s dick. not those little boys that can’t last more than 15 minutes.” he then put his full body weight on me, making it difficult to breathe – on top of not being able to catch my breath since we started fucking. “are you gonna cum for me again? you gonna cum for daddy?” he sneered. i started to tighten, and he moaned, “that’s my girl.. look at that, you’re tightening. you little bitch cum for me.” i shot off again, hard and strong, just as strong as when i squeezed him so hard he moaned.. which he did again. stupefied by the fact that he was clearly far from done with me, i collapsed onto the mattress, weak and gasping for air.. and away he went, still pounding away at my cunt.

he pushed in deep and growled, looking into my eyes, then suddenly pulled out. surprised, i lifted my head and saw that he was positioning himself to eat me out. “oh god baby please..” i begged. “i need some,” he said hungrily, starting to lick up my cum from the four orgasms he’d just floored me with. he went nice and slow, gently flicking my clit with his tongue, kissing my lips and my pussy, taking the whole thing into his mouth to suck it nice. and. slow. my man wasn’t fucking kidding when he said he was going to take his time with my body. “oh god baby.. baby please..” i pleaded, but of course, to no avail. my man’s face was buried deep into my pussy, showing no signs of stopping soon, and getting me so worked up that i could feel another orgasm coming on. he felt me tighten but kept on eating me out, hungry for pussy and unable to get enough. “daddy you’re getting me there,” i moaned, to which he replied by coming up, kissing me hard on the mouth with my cum all over his lips, and – sliding his dick back inside me – growled, 

“my turn.”

up next: part 5, the finale!

the masterpiece part 3

“oh god, fuck no,” i screamed. my clit was so sensitive from the first two orgasms that having him stroke me was near torture.. delicious torture, at that. i begged him to give me a second to recover, a request he promptly ignored, though he sighed and said, “okay..” slowing down his pace a little without stopping. it was still torturous and too soon, but fucktoys don’t get to make the call of when to stop playing, and i know my place. away he went, pumping my swollen, cum-soaked pussy hard as he stroked my clit, covering me with kisses, licks, and bites, telling me how much he loves having a fucktoy. “you’ve turned out quite nicely,” he said matter-of-factly. “just wait until i REALLY train you well.”

he then momentarily switched positions, putting his legs on the outside of mine to get at my pussy between my thighs, then decided that what he really needed was for me to spread my legs even wider apart so he could get his full hand on my cunt. “pull the hood up,” he ordered. i whimpered and hesitated, and he angrily growled, “PULL IT UP.” there was no hesitating after that order. “i can’t daddy.. it’s too much,” i pleaded, to which he replied, “you’ll stop coming when i tell you to stop coming. you’re not done until i say you’re done. and you’re far from being done you bitch.” i cried out, realizing that i’d signed myself up to get my pussy annihilated, and – now that he’d explicitly made me aware of the rules – went at me with the same vigor, working my clit over as fiercely as he was pumping my pussy. 

“you’re gonna cum for me again,” he growled, “or i’m going to fuck you up the ass.” he then started pounding me harder and faster, stroking my clit all the while without losing the pace. “oh god,” i gasped, and off i shot again, my back arching so sharply i felt the muscles tighten. he muffled my screams by putting his mouth on top of mine, and once i calmed down a little, he looked me in the eyes, smiled, and said, “good girl..” then, he promptly placed my hands back down on myself with no turnaround time. 

“now it’s your turn.”

next up: part 4

the masterpiece part 2

what was so unexpected, you ask? two things: we both surprised each other. after i came my first time, he switched positions to mount me, expertly staying inside me as he switched, and despite coming i didn’t stop doing myself and kept working my clit over, gearing up for orgasm number 2.

he fucked me hard and fast, suffocating me with his chest and pounding my pussy as though he hadn’t gotten laid in years. he let me keep doing myself as he pumped away at me, telling me that daddy loves my sweet, tight little pussy. we then went even dirtier and farther with our new sexy roleplay, and i begged daddy to give me more cock, telling him how i needed it so badly. he started pounding at me ravenously and i screamed and thrashed – he was pumping so hard my body that was literally lifting off the mattress with each thrust. he was going so fast that i could barely focus on doing myself, and – going into another roleplay of ours – he yelled, “cum for me, you fucking whore. you little slut. show me you were worth what i paid and that i couldn’t get the same pussy somewhere else for free.” i started to get worked up, and he moaned, saying, “oh yeah, that’s right.. you’re getting tighter. are you gonna cum for daddy?” “yes daddy,” i gasped, at this point covered in sweat and running out of breath, but of course he didn’t relent in the slightest. he sucked on my titties and licked my ear, keeping a fistful of hair at all times to keep me in line. feeling his body completely wreck mine, i shot off again, long and hard, squeezing so hard i heard my man moan, amazed by how tightly i squeezed him. it lasted for a little while longer than i expected, and i went limp, my matted hair stuck to my forehead and face.. and away he pumped. not stopping, and actually going even faster. “oh my god!” i screamed, “no, wait!” despite how much we like dirty talk, sometimes talk is cheap when we fuck, and he wasn’t hearing a second of my feeble protest.

so what did he do instead? he licked his fingers, started stroking my clit, and whispered, “now it’s my turn.”

part 3 coming soon!

the masterpiece part 1

well, he IS my master, after all. and you know he did a masterful job when i have to select almost all the categories today’s fucking falls under. 

so it all began this morning with what my man called “the raciest thing we’ve ever done” – my giving him a spirited hand job in the parking lot of his office building.. with people parking, driving, and walking all around our car. there was no mistaking that something was going on – the windows were foggy and the car rocked a little. naturally there had to be some fooling around, but who knew it would end with my man taking a load of cum in his underwear – which he apparently also did last night while he licked my asshole and i didn’t even know! 

“oh god, give me a hand job.. work my dick,” he groaned, gyrating against my hand. he got so hot that he hovered over me like he did the last time i gave him a hand job in the car to fuck my hands – except this time he didn’t break the door during orgasm like he did on that trip. he came hard and loud, writhing to the point where i thought one of his limbs was about to go through a window. “i can’t feel my legs,” he gasped, grabbing his dick as it poured hot cum. not a bad way to start the day – strolling into work late with the delicious breakfast my man picked up for me. and yes, i know – i’m a spoiled bitch.

if that wasn’t enough, my man texted during the day, promising to take his time with my little body. i was thrilled and wrote a message on Twitter, i was so eager to get my brains fucked out. he picked me up after work, drove back to my place, and then my man unveiled his masterpiece:

what did it entail? i first asked if he wanted to fuck or eat first, and of course you always know the answer to that one for either of us. we stripped down, got in bed, and i gave daddy a blow job to get him even harder than he already was. “good girl,” he moaned, “whatever you’re doing is the best.” i went at him for a little while before my man pulled me up and ordered me to keep going with a hand job while he started stroking my clit. i wrapped my legs around one of his and gyrated my hips against him. he growled, “yeah, you rub that cunt against me.” i followed orders like a good little whore, and then he forced my hands on myself and started sucking on my titties. i moaned and writhed, badly wanting some dick, which he sensed – or maybe he was ready to claim his cunt.

he pushed me onto my back and entered me sideways, laying on his side (a position i HIGHLY recommend), starting nice and slow until he worked up a rhythm so smooth and deep that i didn’t even realize how spread apart my legs were. he marveled at my flexibility, noticing that while he fucked me, i’d brought my leg up to my face and had my knee against my cheek. “lick that knee,” he said in amazement. when i did so, he ordered me to kiss it, and then to kiss my titties since i could contort easily enough to do so. ah, yoga. sure as fuck pays off!

he fucked me sideways for some time, all the while twisting my nipples 360 degrees, slapping my tits, slapping me in the face, grabbing me by the hair (forcing me to watch him fuck me), strangling me, and then, as he forced my hands on myself for orgasm number 1, he growled and sneered at me, telling his little cheap whore to cum and that i needed to hurry the fuck up. i obeyed like a good girl i shot off, screaming into the hand that was muffling my face. but then came a twist i would’ve never expected..

tune in for part 2.

..and ending the day with a flourish

and by ‘flourish’ i mean getting my asshole licked.

after dinner tonight, i decided it was high time to kneel in front of my man to suck his dick – it’s been a few days and i needed a mouthful of cock. he happily gave it to me, helping me pull down his gray boxer briefs as i put his dick in my mouth. “oh god i love it when it hardens in your mouth,” he moaned, and as i worked up a rhythm, i felt his hand reach around the back of my hand, grabbing handfuls of hair to control the thrusting. he mouthfucked me until i gagged on his cock, then got on the floor with me so he could hold by the ears and mouthfuck me a little more.

as a reward, he pushed me onto the floor and went down on me while i pumped him with my hand. i felt his lips grazing across my ass, and then felt his hot, wet tongue flick against my asshole. i moaned and melted into my rug, surprised and so fucking excited to get my asshole licked. it’d been a while since that too, and gets me so wet i don’t even know what to do with my fucking self.

..but, as it turns out, i DO know what to do with my fucking self. my man ordered me to masturbate like mad until i came for daddy, which i did and got my clit so huge that not one bit was covered with hood. fucking gorgeous – i’d never seen it so big. and i have the pictures (sent to my man of course) to prove it.

and here i was thrilled to have a hearty breakfast – who knew i’d get a delicious nightcap too?