feeling buzzed

believe it not, ladies and gentlemen, but an Arched Back first! using toys in bed while fucking. shocking, i know.

the evening started off languidly, as my man and i got to my place after work and ate, decompressed, etc. then we got into bed and before i knew it, my man was holding me down and had my earlobe in his mouth. i squirmed with glee as his mouth found its way from my ear to my neck, covering me with ravenous kisses while his free hand slowly crept down my little polka dotted panties. he slowly started stroking my clit, telling me about all the things i’ve done that have made him hot, and asked if we had time to fuck. of course we did. who doesn’t have time to fuck? 

he got up to take the rest of his clothes off, watching me do myself while he did so. he then eagerly climbed back into bed and immediately took my left nipple into his mouth. he worked on it, pressing his hard dick against my thigh while i continued to stroke my clit, then positioned himself between my legs to sink into me. it was a slow, seductive start, but before too long my man worked up a nice rhythm, getting me wet and aching for him to go at me harder. which he did, naturally, but even better: he clamped his left leg down on my right one, fucking me at a slight angle to hit my g spot. and did he ever. he then licked his fingers and stroked my clit for a while as he pounded me, then handed things over to me to finish things up so he could focus on fucking. he ordered me to cum and i did so, and hard. my body was shaking, it was so strong – not just to cum but for my man’s dick to keep hitting my g spot while i was coming. the sensation was fucking insane. and then: the surprise. 

he stopped for a second and asked, “where’s your vibrator?” i looked at him in surprise, and with a smile, told him where it was under my bed. Archer spun around so that our bodies were perpendicular.. but he stayed inside me as he dug under the bed for my toy. even pumped me a little as he looked so i stayed gaping open and wet. what can i say? the man likes his pussy, and always makes sure not to spend one more moment outside of me than he has to. after fishing around for a bit, we successfully found it, and my man put it between my tits, ordering me to hold the vibrator with them while he fucked me. he told me he was starting to get me used to servicing more than one dick at a time, to prepare me for a possible future gangbang! how exciting. he then growled, “now suck on it.” i turned my head to the side, as though i were blowing another guy while he fucked me, and gave him the full show as he pounded my cunt.

and then, the piece de resistance: he ordered me to turn it on and place it against my clit while he fucked me. shivering, i turned it to the lowest setting first, bracing myself for a hard fuck with a vibrator mercilessly buzzing against my swollen clit. and that’s exactly how it was – my man even used his lower torso to pin it down so he could fuck freely and i wouldn’t have to hold it against myself. he licked me a lot this time too, which was delicious – he ran his tongue all over my left cheek and neck, tugging at my hair and leaving no part of my body untouched. we then went into a bit of role play, and he told me how daddy got me this toy to play with and to get good at using, and within seconds i turned it to the highest setting and had one of the strongest, most tantalizing orgasms i’ve ever had. it was fierce, spreading throughout my body quickly, and my body hummed with excitement for a long time afterward. he then pressed it hard against me as i came, a feeling that proved far too unbearable, and before i knew it, i was waking up to my man shoving my cum-covered vibrator into my mouth. he went at me hard and fast, fucking me like the whorish rag doll i was at that point, limp but hungry for more dick. after enjoying my swollen, soaking wet pussy for a while, my man flipped me over and fucked my asscrack hard and fast, pouring a huge load all over my back. and then, after a few minutes’ rest, he was ready to cum again. 

would you expect anything else?

let’s hear from you!

in between fucks today (including an encore of getting fucked doggie in front of my floor length mirror!), Archer proposed that we put up our first video. what do you think? we’ll do it if we hear from enough sexy readers, so let’s hear from you!

mirror mirror

what better way to spend the holiday than by getting fucked hard on the floor in front of a full length mirror? you’re right. there isn’t one.

on friday morning my man came in bright and early, to make sure we have more than enough time to fuck for as long as we wanted before i went off for a weekend out of town. we laid on the floor, both wearing nothing but our undies, and as he reclined i started going down on him. i was feeling particularly adventurous and went exploring with my tongue, licking a newfound sensitive spot right above his dick. it drove him crazy, so i decided to flick his nipple with my tongue and give him a hand job, grinding my wet pussy against his thigh. 

before too long, he turned me over to get me on my back, and started eating me out right there on the floor. he worked me over beautifully, and as i got close, he came up and growled, “i’ll finish that later. i need to fuck you now.” i begged him to finish me off, since gives the world’s best head (and gave me a fucking INCREDIBLE, 30 minute session of it the other night), but before i knew it, he’d grabbed my legs, pulled me towards his dick, and started pushing in urgently. as sank into me, he murmured, “just relax – you’re doing great.” he then told me how he loves how well i take it all on the floor, pushing his dick eagerly into me and prying my tight pussy open. after working up a nice rhythm, he physically climbed on top me, pushing my legs together. his entire body weight was on me, not one ounce touching the floor. he loved using me as a fuck mat. can’t say i’d complain either.

he had me get myself off while he pounded me, telling me about how he loves conditioning my body for fucks on the floor so he can have his friends come over and watch. i gasped, asking him if he’d do that, and he told me of course he would, explaining calmly how all the others would have condoms and would try to get their dicks in my mouth while he fucks me. “but only i get to be bareback,” he sneered. “even if you’re blindfolded you’ll know which dick is mine.” needless to say, i came hard, and for what felt like a solid minute. i went limp, having used all my energy to cum, then he put one leg on top of mine and went at me deep. too weak to protest, i took it all, nearly passing out as he started pummeling my g spot. “am i hitting it?” he asked while fucking me senseless. indeed he was. in fact, he hit my g spot so hard my eyes rolled back and time stopped for however the fuck long it was.

then, of course, it was his turn to cum, especially after treating me so well – i owed him a nice hard orgasm. he told me that since it’s my 4th week, he was going to fill me up, and wanted to while fucking me doggie.. and in front of my full length mirror. he went at my g spot a little longer, then got me up to position me as he wished. he prepped me nicely, getting me on my knees, and sank quickly into me. i loved fucking in front of the mirror. i could see how his eyes rolled back as he moaned in pleasure as soon as his dick was all the way in, his head dropping back as he sank into me.

my man took no time to start letting me have it. he went at me so hard my tits were slapping against each other from the sheer force of the fuck. he grabbed me by the hair for leverage, spanked me – ordering me to watch all the while. he then reached around and rubbed me raw until my arms collapsed and only my ass was up in the air while he fucked me doggie. needless to say, i came again, but this time couldn’t take the intensity. but he wouldn’t be deterred and kept going at me, ordering me to watch his hand work my pussy over raw in the mirror.

after a little while longer, we got on the bed, and he rode my carpet a little, fucked my hand, my mouth, my tits, AND my asscrack. then my phone rang: my ride picking me up for the weekend. he flipped me over while i was on the phone, refusing to stop just because i was taking a call. once i hung up, i told him all about how i couldn’t wait for our third, and how i spent a part of the previous evening with my top prospect. my man then came hard, gasping, “you’re amazing..!” apparently he came so hard that he said his dick felt fatigued, like how your arm feels after throwing a ball hard. he emptied out an enormous load and collapsed next to me, one hand still gripping my left tit. i squeezed out the rest of his cum with great success.

oh, and did i mention two pictures: one of my pussy gaping open, on his phone, and one of me getting mouthfucked – from his perspective – on mine? pretty nice.

great things come in threes

what a day. there’s nothing better than calling into work sick so you can spend the whole day fucking. here’s a nice little breakdown:

fuck #1: anal. my man got to my place, stripped down promptly, and took advantage of my freshly showered, slick body. he flipped me onto my stomach and reached underneath to stroke my clit, then decided to finish me off by eating me out from behind, his face pressed into my ass to get to my pussy. needless to say, i came hard and fast. so fast that i didn’t even realize he’d pulled my arms behind my back and held me down while he prepared to have his way with me.. and delivered a hard, sharp blow to my pussy with his hand to give me a taste of what was in store for the day.

he asked how i was going to make him cum, and i said, “want to go up my ass?” “already?” he asked excitedly (and incredulously). i told him i was ready, that my ass was ready for it since i was so relaxed from coming, but he wanted to take no chances on getting good quality anal – he forced me to get myself off a second time while he poured lube all over his dick and my asshole. and my hand, since i was busy working myself over. the chill of the lube hitting my swollen clit was plenty, and before i knew it, i was guiding my man’s dick into my ass bareback. he pried me wide open, quivering with every inch of his big hard cock that sank in, and wasted no time to pick up speed and fuck me up the ass hard. i told him that he felt good – which he did – and right when i asked him to cum up my ass, his eyes locked with mine and he moaned, “i’m gonna cum..” and did he ever. as i write this i’ve still got cum dripping out of my asshole. about 11 hours later.

fuck #2: things heated up when we were getting ready to go out to show off the most provocative little black dress i own – a hot little number i picked up last weekend. it took quite some time to get out the door though – he couldn’t keep his hands off my pussy. before i knew it, he’d gotten me back in bed, slid right into my soaking wet pussy, and started working me over – while forcing my hands on myself to get off too – he told me about how he couldn’t wait to spend a good chunk of time with his face buried in my pussy, and how our next fuck was going to be “my first porn video.” to make sure i’d be ready for it – which he insisted would either end with cum on my face, tits, or as a nice, thick creampie – he pulled out, flipped me over, and fucked my asscrack hard while spanking me till he poured a thick load all over me. he told me he physically came so hard that his dick was fatigued – he likened it to how his arm feels after throwing a ball. impressive.

fuck #3: we went out for a little bit and got back with food, to relax and regain some energy for more fucking. as i sat behind my computer, my man joined me and murmured, “it’s time to fuck again.” with that his hands found my pussy again, and we got things started in a hurry.

we’ve already recorded a few things – namely, getting eaten out and fucked, as well as getting it doggie style – as my loyal readers already know. but this one was special: my man held the recording device while we fucked, so his dick plowing into my pussy is from his point of view. gorgeous. even better? fucking while replaying it. i got it hard after that, getting my pussy plowed, my throat rammed, and my tits fucked mercilessly – all while i had to suck on my man’s nipples and take getting strangled, suffocated, muffled, etc. apparently i was getting too noisy. makes sense. at this point i’d gotten dick in all three holes. he decided to tittiefuck after getting his fill of pussy though, since we’d (a) already gotten the goods on videotape and (b) he wanted to cum on my face. apparently i felt too good for him to move into position in time, though, so i got a thick load on my stomach and tits. gotta love it when a man can’t help himself but shoot off. all in all, successful time taken off work to screw all day.

final fuck count: 3

final orgasm count: 9 – i think that’s right. i’m pretty sure got two for every time Archer got off.

so WHAT didn’t we do today? sleep, actually. way too much fucking to do.

take a knee

so poor Archer hurt his knee pretty badly when he went to get me some goodies this weekend, the poor thing. nurturing woman i am, i decided to give him some tender loving care and started working over his dick as soon as he crawled into bed with me. i was already naked except for my little black and pink panties, so i was a good girl and kept stroking his dick while he tore them off. we then went into role play so fucking hot i nearly creamed myself instantly – though i was already soaked, as i always am. i tried fighting and not letting him dominate me, and he went full force – choking me, muffling me, spanking me, slapping me around, forcing my mouth on his dick to suck him for a while.. it was fucking incredible. needless to say, he slid right in and opened my pussy up in no time flat.

he worked up a beautiful rhythm, telling me to just relax and that i was doing a great job. i kept playing along, trying to fight him for dominance, to get punished all the more with every failed attempt. he did all he could to retain control – holding my arms and legs down with his, muffling me, choking me, calling me a filthy whore.. you name it, i took it. he told me that i better get comfortable, because it was going to be a while. and it was. impressively, his knee held up for most of the time, though once it started to prove too much, my champ took a knee and flipped me over to fuck my asscrack. and i have the beautiful drying cum on my back to prove it.

what can i say? only the winners take a knee.

giving a hand

hand-shaped bruises on my ass from a pretty fierce spanking mid-fuck, might i add.

just got great head, got fucked senseless, and has Archer’s dried cum everywhere to prove it.

more soon!

weekend wrap up

if you thought we’d need to recover from this, guess again. how was the rest of my week, you ask?

wednesday: fucked for over an hour, including the double duty of stroking his dick and my clit, getting fucked hard doggie, missionary, sideways, legs pushed together, legs held up.. the works. i believe there was a hard slap across the face somewhere in there, too. though i know for sure it ended with a huge, thick creampie.

thursday: spent our lunch break with his dick whipped out and my stroking it, telling him about how i think i’ve found our third. he got so hard hearing me talk about possibilities that he throbbed in my hand, giving me a healthy dose of pre-cum to lick off his head.

today: morning fuck, a fan favorite! my man loves how tight i am in the morning. and he really let me have it, making me work over his dick hard as punishment for how badly i frustrated him yesterday in his car. i both had dick rammed hard into me and also got used like a toy, getting flipped over so my man could cover my ass in cum rather than filling me up with it.

now that i think about it.. i think we fucked twice on wednesday.

you know you have it good when you lose count.

and now.. The Archer View

you’ve already read my version of this raw fuck – and now, the Archer’s:

My arched back is a spoiled bitch and she knows it. I am a lucky guy not just because I fuck a sex goddess but because she brings out the best (and the worst) in me! See, unlike this little bitch, yours truly only recently found out how much he likes to fuck. It took this little goddess to pump it out of me. It’s like I used to swim in a river and she threw me in the ocean. I am just starting; she better get used to getting pounded harder and longer. When the other day she texted “come fuck me!” I knew I’d enjoy a good ride but I didn’t know I was in for an Arched Back miracle, again.

I was tired. Just wanted to get some fucking sleep but my whore’s relentless. I almost feel bad, not only she only gets this dick, she doesn’t even get to come unless I order her to. So I thought I’d throw a fuck her way. I laid down and let her seduce me a little; making her earn her come. I’m no fucking pussy or sissy. I don’t let my bitch on top often; she doesn’t get to control. I own her. But I am slowly finding out that sometimes I like letting her drive. Don’t get me wrong. No one dominates the Archer, but I like when she teases me, holds me down so I enjoy wanting to destroy her some more. Usually she gets down on her knees and sucks my dick before I ask. It’s nice and all, but sometimes a fellow needs to enjoy the wait.

And then I realized what I needed. It’s nice that she’s sucking my dick, riding me, holding my hands with her little ones. I figured out the way to get back on top of her and my game. I got the bitch talking about her past with other boys (not real men those sissies). She started telling me how they couldn’t control her, how she would drive them insane. How she sucked their dicks, begged them to fuck her and to come on her tits, to slap her and to spank her. You know, our normal routine. But those fucking idiots couldn’t handle this little sex goddess. You’d think I’d be happy that I can tame her, but no. Not enough. When she speaks of those morons, the Archer gets jealous. When she brags about it, like she did that night, her eyes sparkling, I knew I had to fuck the shit out of her. So I threw her on her back, rammed into her cunt and fucked her with anger and lust. I needed to flatten that pussy, wear it out, punish it for riding little dicks before mine. I was so fucking angry I had no idea what I would do to her. A good start, if you ask me. She’ll be talking about her ex a lot more now…Once I made her come – and those fuckers before me never could – I was still not happy. I thought she should suck my dick while I think of what I’d do to her. But after a suck or two, I decided the bitch doesn’t deserve my dick either. She’s gonna suck my balls when I pump myself, lording my dick over her head. She fought a little. Not fun if she hadn’t. So I pulled her hair, making her whimper a little and lick my balls. God I fucking loved it. I still gave her warning before shooting off on her face. See she needs to get me angrier by talking more so I’d just ram my dick in her mouth without warning when I come and make the bitch swallow her man’s load.

We’re just starting. Can’t wait to read her blog to see how she remembers this fuck. And readers, here’s a bit you’re finding out with her. She doesn’t know that a couple of times when I wanted to be rougher, I thought of the one time her ex held her down in Prague. One and only time (as far as I know) that a guy tried to be a man to her. The shitface couldn’t do it right. But still, he held down my bitch; a couple of times when I needed to work up a good rough fuck to spank her til she cries, all I needed was think of Prague and her tears would flow. Can’t wait to know more details now; she won’t walk for a day after that.

getting the raw deal

that was by far the rawest fuck i’ve ever had. damn.

my man had a little time this evening, so i suggested he swing by my place and fuck me. i had no plans and had just worked out, so i was sweaty and ready for another round of aerobics. after a sexy text exchange, my man told me that he was on his way – and that i should hold off on showering since i had more exercise in store.

he walked in and was immediately all over me, running his hands through my damp hair and covering my cooled skin with kisses. he loves the smell of me when i’ve perspired a bit, and adored how i smelled tonight. but what drove him absolutely crazy was making good on my promise to do all the work and ride him. he stripped down and i mounted him in no time flat, using his head to play with my clit to get me soaking wet for the ride. once i was good and ready, i lowered myself on him and promptly started to grind. it felt fucking amazing – i was tight and he was throbbing. he laid back and enjoyed the view, while i experimented with angles, speeds.. the works. i then came down on him and held him down by his wrists, telling him about how other men have never let me ride them so long because i gave such good pussy that they always had to take over. his eyes widened and i saw a flash of anger, and then, a surprise.. he told me to keep talking.

 he told me to get him so angry that he would summon the energy to completely take over my body have his way with me without thinking.. to react without forethought and destroy me as primitively and as he could. he wanted the rawest fuck possible – and what girl in her right mind would turn down THAT opportunity? so i talked. and with every utterance my man got angrier, his eyes flashing with rage. then i really paid for it.

my man wasn’t kidding – he wanted to get angry, and he got FURIOUS. before i knew it, my man wrapped his legs around mine and clamped down on my lower body, then escaped my grip on his arms and held down my upper body so tightly my arms tingled. he then rammed into me so hard that my hair came undone, which he angrily grabbed fistfuls of as soon as it became loose. he went at me harder, faster, and deeper than he perhaps ever has – also spanking me, sneering at me, and shoving his middle finger up my ass while he fucked. he even managed to hold my arms behind my back while i was on top of him, so i had no control at all. he then pushed me off his dick, and i collapsed to his side, thinking i was getting a break before the next position.

not the case. instead he grabbed me by my hair and forced me to suck his dick. i fought hard and whimpered, going into role play and telling him i didn’t want to. “get down there,” he sneered angrily, forcing me down and ramming his dick down my throat. in surprise, i went down on him like a good girl and didn’t fight it when he mouthfucked me for a while. then he pulled my mouth off his dick as quickly as he shoved it on to lay me flat on my stomach. i fought hard but didn’t stand a chance, and with the hardest spank he’s ever dealt, i landed hard on the mattress. he then mounted me and shoved his dick up my cunt, fucking me doggie while keeping his full body weight on me. my man even pushed my head down with his so i couldn’t breathe, and as he fucked me he started stroking my clit beautifully. i almost forgot that i was doused in sweat and could barely breathe. he then wrapped his other arm around me so he could fuck me doggie, stroke my clit, AND pull my hood up. god i’m a spoiled fucking bitch.

after fucking me for a good long while in that position, making me fight for oxygen, he pulled out and pushed me up on the mattress. he usually does that to eat me out, but i was on my stomach and didn’t know what to expect. but he did just what he always does – he ate me out, except this time it was from behind with his nose in my ass. but it had been a good long while and it was his turn, so he flipped me over and ate me out until i exploded. i came so hard that my knees are still fucking weak. even better: as i came, my man created a suction around my pussy and sucked out all my cum. i was fucking beside myself.

and then he was beside me. he got up, kneeled over me to my right, and forced himself back into my mouth, ramming his dick so far down my throat that i gagged hard on it. he then started pumping himself and grabbed a fistful of my hair to shove my face into his crotch. “lick my balls,” he growled, and i knew i had no choice but to quietly submit. usually he cuts me a little slack if i need a break to breathe or need to pull back a bit – not the case tonight. he was ruthless. he forced my face into his balls and kept me there, so i had no choice but to breathe through my mouth and lick his balls with all i had. after quite some time – and over an hour after we started fucking, might i add – my man pulled away and came all over my face and tits. fucking gorgeous. one of the best fucks we’ve ever had, truly.

and you lucky readers – you’re in for a treat! Archer and i agreed that we weren’t going to recap this one so we could provide BOTH our points of view on this phenomenal fuck. so keep an eye out, it’s coming soon – and it’ll come faster than he ever does.

my new lucky necklace

so this weekend i bought a superhot, quite provocative necklace where the chains fall right between my tits. naturally i wore a cute low-cut  navy tank top for all to see how beautifully the chains grazed my skin. it was a hit all around, but especially with my man, who insisted i wear it while we fucked.. and nothing else.

we got into my place, and i took no time at all to straddle my man on the floor and get things started. i’d already taken off my jeans and bra, and just had on the tank top and necklace. “keep it on,” my man said, his voice ragged, and with that i took off my top and left the necklace on, letting my man do the honors of slipping off my little black panties. with impressive agility he got completely undressed, all while i straddled him, and i didn’t fall off him once. with his head pressing into my cunt, he growled, “let’s go to bed.”

after bending me over the side and fucking my asscrack as a warm up, my man then grabbed my legs, pushed the rest of me on the bed, and positioned himself to give me fantastic head. it was my favorite – when he holds my arms down by my wrists and pulls them behind my back so i have no leverage to move while he eats me out. needless to say, i came long and hard.. and caught completely off guard. before i knew it, my man still had my arms pulled behind me, but managed to get my legs in the air and plowed into me. i squirmed and moaned, begging him to slow down since i was so tight from coming, and he said calmly, “you’ll be fine. just relax.” within seconds he sank all the way in and worked up a fast rhythm in no time flat, his eyes glued to the necklace lying between my big perky tits.

he went at me hard, holding me down every way possible while i went into role play and tried to fight him off. it only made him nastier – he dropped his full body weight on me and pounded me, moaning, “fuck yeah, you feel so good.” i managed to get my hands free to twist his nipples while he fucked me, then he kindly gave me a second go. he first let me do myself, then decided to take charge and stroked my clit while he fucked me. then – another surprise – he said, “i need to eat you out again.”

and eat me out again he did. he pulled out, his dick covered in my cum, then buried his face in my cunt until i came again. didn’t even come up for air once. the fucking stamina on this man, i tell you. i came all over his face, and he frustratingly kept licking my hypersensitive clit while i tried to cool off a bit. not only was i all over his dick – i was now all over his face too. and before i knew it, i was going to end up all over my own tits. my man licked my tits and started to fuck them hungrily, and i was a good girl and sat up a little to suck his nipples while he tittiefucked me. he shot off a big, thick load, with a big moan to match. 

my new necklace is pretty nice, but not nearly as hot as the pearl necklace i got a few hours ago.